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04-11-13 Category: Weight Loss

The newest, latest and greatest version of a diet or a way to lose weight is constantly sought after.

Carb-free diets, the cabbage soup diet, the South Beach Diet, and whatever other ones have swept the nation, are ridiculous ways people use to get skinny quickly.

Gastric bypass seemed to also become a fad diet choice, of sorts. People were fine with undergoing surgery in an attempt to lose the large amount of weight they had gradually put on after years of overeating and under-exercising.  The medical community realized long ago that the surgery itself does not lead to sustained weight loss.

A new study on mice now shows that stomach microbes, or the bacteria that are present in your stomach, may aid in the process of weight loss. After gastric bypass surgery, the microbe composition in the stomach is altered. When performed on obese mice, the change in stomach microbes caused the mice to lose about 30% of their body weight.

Another group of mice, who did not undergo the gastric bypass surgery, were instead inserted with a concoction of microbes. These mice lost weight quickly.  Peter Turnbaugh, a Bauer Fellow at Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Center for Systems Biology is the study’s senior author. He presents the findings as, “Simply by colonizing mice with the altered microbial community, the mice were able to maintain a lower body fat, and lose weight – about 20 percent as much as they would if they underwent surgery.”

So what does this mean for people?

The combination of stomach microbes of a person, or an animal, has been shown to determine the ease or difficulty in losing weight, and keeping weight off long-term.

The purpose of the research is to one day help morbidly obese people have other weight loss options that can save their lives. Alternatives that do not involve surgery could provide a whole new way of treating people for obesity. Learn more about Sovereign Health Group and their weight loss program Change For Life. Watch a video about the eating disorder success story:

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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