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04-03-13 Category: Weight Loss

You remember Snooki, the small but loud cast member of MTV’s reality show, Jersey Shore? Well after the show was over, Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, got pregnant.

After giving birth to baby Lorenzo, Snooki said she worked hard with a trainer, a friend of hers, to get the baby weight off. At this point, she has lost 42 pounds and she is proud. She posted pictures on Instagram to show off her beach-ready body.

The Today Show had Snooki on as a guest to talk about her baby, her fiance, and how she lost all the weight.

Snooki said, “The first 20 [pounds] came [off] from just breastfeeding, so that was awesome, but then I had to wait until I could work out, which was six weeks, and then I just went straight to the gym. I work with a trainer, one of my good friends Anthony, so he basically just kicked my butt into shape and he gave me these express meals which [don’t] have a lot of calories.”

With a workout and diet routine, Snooki seems to have found a healthy lifestyle that works for her.

It seems like a lot of other people in the public eye take a less healthy approach to weight loss and weight management. We constantly see famous women appearing super thin, almost to a point on frail and weak.

Finding a good balance of appropriate food and exercise choices at any point in life, and even more so after having a baby, is difficult and seems even more stressful when cameras are seeking an unflattering angle.

A big part of Snooki’s weight loss has also been her choice not to return to her old, pre-pregnancy drinking and partying ways. She has traded excessive alcohol consumption, eating fatty foods late at night, and unhealthy sleeping patterns for grueling workouts, portioned meal plans, and nights at home with her new family.

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Blog Post By: Marissa Maldonado


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