Benefits Of A Residential Weight Loss Program
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05-24-13 Category: Weight Loss

If you found out that your best friend was addicted to heroin, and there was a proven method for helping heroin addicts get clean, wouldn’t you recommend that your friend seek that method?

What about alcoholism? If a treatment center’s program has proven to effectively treat alcohol addiction, wouldn’t you recommend that someone you care about seeks help there?

The same can be true for a food addiction. The right program can help your loved one, or you, navigate this difficult disease.

Our Change for Life Program provides clients will all of the benefits of a weight loss program, catered to what each individual needs to heal. Nutritional changes are important when working on your health, but the overall focus is retrain your brain and your body on what can sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Where has your physical, mental, and emotional well-being been suffering? Where have you struggled? What has limited your ability to make diet and exercise changes?

The treatment team at Sovereign Health Group wants to empower you so that life is in your control again. You will work with a therapist to identify your own beliefs and emotions that have held you hostage. You will work with a dietitian to formulate meal plans for both at home and when you go out to eat. You will be exposed to a wide variety of activities so that you can find a few you enjoy and build into your life after treatment.

Living onsite during treatment can accelerate your recovery by providing you all the benefits of a residential weight loss program. Similar to drug and alcohol addiction rehab, the residential component adds more accountability, and less chance of relapse or cheating on the nutrition and exercise changes you work to integrate.

Your mind, body, and soul are of the utmost importance. Put your health, or the health of a loved one, first and experience all the benefits of a residential weight loss program.

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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