Recovering Anorexic Marries Man Battling Morbid Obesity
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06-06-13 Category: Weight Loss

“I went to a clinic to lose weight and left with the love of my life,” says Chris Glascow. He was in rehab for food addiction when he met Lizzie Elsburg, who was in rehab for anorexia.

The couple fell in love while each working to get healthier. What could be better?

Last August the two met while being treated for very different eating disorders. Opposites attract? “Reward” for getting healthy? Serendipity? Whatever you want to call it, as Chris and Lizzie individually worked on loving themselves, they were each more able to care for someone else.

The romantic aspect of their relationship didn’t start until January of this year, after they each completed eating disorder treatment. They got engaged in February. When you know you know, and a healthy woman + a healthy man = a healthy couple.

Scared At First

Lizzie said that, “At first I was a bit afraid of Chris. I couldn’t understand how anyone could let themselves get to that size. But after a while I got to know the person inside. I was able to see past his body issues, because I have body issues too.”

Chris says he was shocked that a woman like Lizzie would be interested in him.

Lizzie weighed 89 pounds when she checked into the clinic and now weighs closer to 130 pounds. Chris weighed 489 pounds at the start of rehab, and now weighs closer to 400, and wants to lose another 110 pounds before their wedding.

Very Different Yet Similar

Even though the two had very different symptoms and subsequent body weights, the root of their eating disorders brought them together. Some are calling Chris and Lizzie “The Odd Couple”, but is it really that strange to find love this way?

Actors and actresses fall in love on movie sets. Two people at a concert meet and date because of their shared liking for that artist or band. Recovering alcoholics and addicts find love in AA, NA, or other fellowship groups.

Common interests bring people together, and Chris and Lizzie are a great example of that.

Concerned about your eating habits? Watch the video below, ‘Do I have an eating disorder?’

Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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