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04-10-13 Category: Weight Loss

Just like addiction to drugs and alcohol, food addiction can take over a person’s life. When I realized that my weight was getting out of control, I wasn’t sure where to find help. I didn’t even know there was help for weight loss and weight management.

I searched online and discovered that other people are going through the same thing I was: basically a struggle to control my own well-being.

I also found the Change for Life Program offered by Sovereign Health Group of California. The called 866-817-2948 to get more information. I was anxious about seeking help, but the more I heard about the program, the more I knew it was for me.

As described on the website, the Change for Life (CFL) Program is designed to retrain your brain with the necessary skills to create and maintain a healthy and empowered lifestyle.

The key for me was lifestyle change, not just a temporary diet that would not last. I worked with dietitian to create an individualized meal plan I liked, plus ways to dine out without veering from my plan. I worked through the emotions and core beliefs I didn’t realize were leading me to eat and not take care of myself.

I learned how to exercise effectively doing activities I enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like I am working out. I’ve continued practicing yoga and meditation almost daily, which I was introduced to while participating in the Change for Life Program.

I am glad I found out about the program on my own, and then enrolled in it. My insurance covered my stay, and now I am on my way to a life of weight management and greater physical happiness. I have more natural energy, I feel so much better about my capabilities as a person, and I look forward to what the future brings.

Call Sovereign Health now to find out if the Change for Life Program is right for you too!

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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