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Mental Health Treatment – Travis’s Video Story


An alumnus of Sovereign Health Group’s Dual Diagnosis Program, Travis, details his experience at Sovereign Health. Travis was at another treatment facility prior to coming to Sovereign Health, but they felt he needed more psychological treatment and transferred him to Sovereign Health’s Dual Diagnosis Program. Everyone was very nice to him, and he felt very welcomed. He really loved the wide open spaces in the facility, rather than the confined space he was used to in the other program. He felt he could really breathe. He loved the house in which he stayed; it was beautiful and spacious and had a gorgeous view. He felt like a VIP in a hotel rather than in a treatment center. The house managers went above and beyond to help him and make him feel welcomed. Travis had a hard time being vulnerable and making friendships and relationships, but after the program he learned that a lot of people were like him, and he found ways to make connections and relationships with others. He no longer lives in isolation and found a way to be vulnerable and interact with others, connections that also help him. He also appreciated learning how to express himself and get rid of stress. He recognizes that it takes work from the patient in order to heal. The experience can be fun and is rewarding, but it ultimately takes a desire to change and do the work in order to heal.*

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