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Natural Assisted Detoxification Program – Ramin Video Story


In this video, Ramin describes his experience in the NAD detox program at Sovereign Health Group. He found Sovereign Health through his insurance provider, although he also looked at reviews first to decide where to go for his treatment. During his tour of Sovereign Health, he met Amanda, who is in charge of the NAD program. The NAD program is the main reason he decided to come to Sovereign Health. He had been through a lot of different rehab programs over the last few years, so he was looking for a dual diagnosis program as well as something new, which the NAD program was. He found the NAD treatment program to be a comfortable environment.

Ramin describes his withdrawal experience with the NAD, comparing it to his other detox experiences. He found about he experienced a 50 percent less withdrawal in the first few days. After just a few days, he was already through the most painful and difficult parts of withdrawal, and by the end he felt really great. He felt he got to that really great feeling really quickly. He had done medically enhanced treatments in the past and found them to be long, frustrating processes. He had also done cold turkey withdrawal, which he found to be really hard and uncomfortable. With NAD, he didn’t have any cravings, which he really appreciated, as he found the cravings to be the worst part of withdrawal. The mental and physical aspect of detoxing was also a lot better. He feels much better doing the NAD treatment than the other ways he has tried to detox, and he would recommend it with no hesitation. He found it to be an amazing experience. The residences were really comfortable as well. He found his therapist really helpful, and the rest of the staff was amazing as well. In the video, he also describes his typical day at Sovereign Health in the NAD treatment.*

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