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Mental Health Treatment – Victoria’s Video Review

Victoria had been struggling with major depression, bipolar tendencies and anxiety for few years now. Initially, she came only to visit but she decided to stay because of the warm and family like environment she witnessed at the house. She also needed somewhere safe to go, which is why she chose Sovereign Health Group. She describes her stay at Sovereign to be the hardest experience, yet one of the greatest experiences. In her opinion the environment at the centre made her feel safe and secured with a certain sense of reality or connection from the outside world.

She is extremely thankful to her supportive roommates and other house members including her therapists who were her main source of strength and inspiration. Her favourite group activities at the house were equine, art therapy and process group. According to Victoria, art therapy was always good because you can express yourself in a creative way and even get to take it home and put it up. She feels that Sovereign gave her a support system, and her decision to come there was one of the best one that truly worked out for her.*

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