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Mental Health Treatment Program – Mark’s Video Story

This video is a review by Mark about his experience in the Mental Health Program at Sovereign Health Group. Mark was referred to Sovereign Health by his addiction specialist doctor, so he did some research and discovered outstanding feedback about the facility, which led him to enter the program. Mark is a long-time heroin addict. Additionally, he served a few tours in Iraq and suffered from PTSD. He had problems with his addiction before going to Iraq, but his addiction increased after he returned. For the past 7 to 8 years, he found himself in a consistent and intense downward spiral. Mark found the program at Sovereign Health really helped him, because he learned why he used, unlike the other centers he had entered. They provided some help, but they made him leave before he was ready. At Sovereign Health, he really got help for all co-occurring conditions.

Mark’s first impression of Sovereign Health was positive. He was really sick going through heroin withdrawal, but he found everyone to be really attentive and got the help he needed for his physical problems. He says Sovereign Health was the first treatment center that really followed through on everything promised to him. He expected that he would leave just as sick as when he arrived, but it was a completely different experience. He describes the great experience he had, as well as the excellent treatment he received from his therapist and how much the therapy helped him. He found he always got something out of the group sessions.

Mark also appreciated the outings to movies, bowling, or the beach because it was nice to have a break and have some fun. He really loved the art therapy, especially as he felt his addiction took his sense of self. He used to be creative and know who he was and what he wanted, but he no longer felt he had a grasp on his creative self. Art therapy gave him the opportunity to find his creative self once again. Mark also describes his typical day at Sovereign Health in the video. The thing he will take away the most from his experience is the friendships he’s made with the other patients.*

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