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Mental Health Treatment Program – Alec’s Video Review


In this video, Alec narrates his story about undergoing treatment in the Mental Health Program at Sovereign Health Group. He heard about Sovereign Health while at a mental health institution. Prior to coming to Sovereign Health, Alec was severely depressed and had tried to commit suicide. He also had been using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. Someone recommended that he try Sovereign Health, and after looking into it, he felt it would be a place to get the help he needed. Although initially nervous, Alec soon found Sovereign Health to be a very welcoming place.

He didn’t really expect the treatment to work because he had gone through previous programs and really didn’t think he would ever be happy again. However, the program at Sovereign Health helped him learn a lot about himself and he feels that it saved his life. He really loved the house where he stayed during treatment and felt the beautiful environment and view were soothing. He also found the staff to be really great, and he felt completely comfortable with his therapist. The groups felt like a family and provided a lot of help, especially the self-esteem group. In the video, he also describes his typical day in the program. At Sovereign Health, Alec made many friends and found ways to change his lifestyle. He is no longer suicidal or using drugs or alcohol thanks to the program.*

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