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Mental Health Treatment – Michael’s Video Review

I was bullied throughout high school and was selling all my stuff to buy weed. I was at a really low point in my life. My first impression of Sovereign was that everyone was very, very welcoming. Someone gave me a tour and showed me where I would be living and wow, a really nice house.

I connected with my therapist immediately, he helped me open up and I told him everything. He is brilliant. Group therapy was amazing and I looked forward to it every day. Individual therapy let me talk about what I needed to change and what I was doing wrong before.

Tons of people tried to help me in the past and I never listened. There is something about Sovereign, they want to make people change and make people better. This place is always going to have a place in my heart, they helped me through and made a new me.

Sovereign Health Group offers high quality and comprehensive Addiction, Dual Diagnosis, & Mental Health Treatment Programs for Adults & Adolescents including support services for the family system. We have multiple treatment locations in the United States. Sovereign Health’s treatment programs specialize in addressing the underlying mental health conditions by utilizing innovative and cutting edge cognitive testing, rehabilitation, and evidence based treatment modalities.We accept Most Private Insurances.

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