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Mental Health Treatment – Megan’s Video Review

Megan has schizophrenia and she has been abusing pills and smoking marijuana from a very young age. Since the age of 16, she has been admitted to a mental care facility 16 times and tried to commit suicide 13 times. She used to experience classic schizophrenic symptoms including auditory and visual hallucinations. These symptoms took a toll on her body and she thought that marijuana and pills could help her. She came to Sovereign Health Group for treatment and after a long time felt “alive again without being high”.

The most helpful part of her recovery experience was participating in the trauma group. She had a traumatic past and her ex-husband was physically and mentally abusive. She even developed bulimia as her husband used to criticize about her weight gain. She got out of the relationship and decided to take help with the help of her family members. At Sovereign her expectations were met, and she is now ready to live a respectful life away from drugs and abuse. Her advice to others is: “Do not give up, Live for your life.”*

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