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Mental Health Treatment – Ibrahim’s Video Review

Ibrahim shares his story of how he got into this center after spending almost 6 months in different centers and feeling good about finally finding the right place for his problem. He says he got lot more than expected and his treatment became very smooth with the constant support of therapist and staff.

As a mental health patient, Ibrahim wanted to be treated only for his specific problem, which he got in this center. After exploring different centers, through a friend recommendation, he joins this center; which for him turns to be a lot better than his expectations. He tells how smooth was to make connections with other members in the group; he actually made two good friends here. Their houses were separate, though they were given opportunity to meet and share their stories with each other. He shares how his mental health was really an issue and tough to handle. He enjoyed the yoga, meditation and music therapy the most. He says that the staff at center made the intake process nice and put him into the place wher he could succeed and adds that after those 28 days, he actually feel good about himself and is ready for challenges of life.*

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