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Mental Health Treatment – Christina Video Story

Christina shares her story that how nervous and apprehensive she was when she first came here. She was in the complete denial state and after being here, everything was alleviated. She tells that the place is magical and the staff is very understanding and is always there with you, even after you leave.

In this narrative, Christina who came to the center for the treatment of mental illness, tells that she was initially in the denial mode and very nervous and apprehensive but after being to the place and meeting the staff everything was alleviated. The house managers made her feel very safe. She shares how even small little things are treated important and taken care of and how her fear vanished when she acknowledged that she is not alone. She said that the baggage which she carried her entire life that nobody will ever understand her, disappeared as she was at a place where everybody understands. She tells that how uncomfortable she was initially to share her story and how her therapist’s support and patience led her to express herself better. She liked the trauma group which gave her the understanding and acceptance and the stress management group. The coping skills learnt here is helping her to settle in the real world. She appraises her therapist’s honesty and kind behavior. Her advice for others “Don’t leave and don’t give up”.*

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