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Mental Health Treatment – Brint’s Video Review

Brint suffered from depression and anxiety for two and a half years and had not worked during that time. In his own words, he was “barely functioning.” His girlfriend recommended Sovereign Health who picked him up and took him to the treatment center. He said the staff was kind and understanding and he was impressed with the thoughtfulness of everyone. Brint’s doctor spent over an hour talking to him and getting information which he said was the longest any doctor had ever spent with him.

His goal was to gain the tools to manage his condition and function on a daily basis. Brint said his expectations were met. He said his housemates showed lots of diversity and different personalities and it was comfortable and easy going.
“The staff was very thorough and took time to talk to me. They were very knowledgeable and cut right to the chase as to what I needed to do to deal with depression.”

Brint’s girlfriend chose the week of admission to declare they should “just be friends” which was a blow to Brint, but his therapist gave him the tools to deal with it. He recounted how as part of a group, they were assigned the task of writing a letter to someone close to express their feelings, some of the men cried and Brint found it therapeutic that they then traded hugs and felt that barriers had been broken. He felt that a controlled environment helped him understand himself and his disease in a non-judgmental environment.*

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