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Mental Health Treatment – Kameron’s Video Review


An alumnus of Sovereign Health Group’s Mental Health Program, Kameron, discusses his experience in the mental health program at Sovereign Health. Kameron had been going from mental hospital to mental hospital for years. He was unable to search for a good place to go, but luckily his sister was able to do research for him and found Sovereign Health. He was welcomed with open arms, and his house mates were very welcoming and open to him. His initial thought was he was going to a rehab center and would be surrounded by junkies, which made him a bit unsure about the program. However, he found he could not be more wrong, since everyone was dealing with similar issues to him. Kameron felt his recovery began the moment he stepped off the lane and was driving to the clinic. He expressed some of his concerns to the driver, and the driver put him at ease and made him feel comfortable and accepted.

He felt Sovereign Health was nothing like a mental hospital. He found some difficulty with the blackout phase and discipline and structure, but he soon learned that it was really a valuable lesson. He found value in the fact that patients are encouraged to interact with the outside world to help prepare for when they finish. He also enjoyed the classes that prepared him for living in the outside world, including cooking his own meals, budgeting, and other parts of everyday life. He learned how to really love himself, especially that self love is what will bring others to love him. He realized in the past he has pushed people away and has now learned how to bring those people back into his life. He appreciated how much care and concern his therapist gave, including compartmentalizing and maintaining confidence.*

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