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Equine Therapy – Wendy’s Video Review

In this video, Wendy talks about her experience at Sovereign Health Group while at equine therapy, an integral part of the Sovereign Health treatment programs. With the help of her sister, Wendy discovered Sovereign during a crisis situation. They were doing research to find the best place for residential treatment that also took Wendy’s insurance. She had her regular therapist also call Sovereign, who agreed it was a good match. It has a variety of programs and activities, which facilitate the hard work you have to do to really look at yourself. She is quite happy with her experience.

Equine therapy is one of the activities she most enjoys. It is not about horsemanship but about communication, especially nonverbal forms. It helps you to become nonverbally aware of what you are thinking or feeling, and learn effective communication skills. Equine therapy is part of the total care plan at the San Clemente center. Wendy describes the various activities that make up the equine therapy sessions. Typically, there is a safety lesson followed by time to become acquainted with the horse. Then, patients go through an obstacle course or similar helpful activity. Sometimes, the sessions also includes more playful activities. Equine therapy helps her to get away from the intensity of her issues, as well as offering an activity outside in the sunshine. It helps her to become more comfortable in her own skin. At the end of the video, she shares some advice to others looking for programs.*

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