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Equine Therapy – Kevin’s Video Review

In this video, Kevin reviews the equine therapy program, an integral part of Sovereign Health Group’s treatment programs. He heard about Sovereign Health through his cousin, who was also a client at Sovereign. Kevin required a dual diagnosis program to deal with both his bipolar disorder and alcohol abuse. He was attracted to the program because it is a true dual diagnosis facility. He found the residences very nice and comfortable, and feels that everything he needs is provided. The groups are run well.

Kevin really enjoys equine therapy. He has found that the horses really help him to learn new things about himself. The activities are also calming and help him manage his anxiety. Initially, he was nervous because he had never been around large animals such as horses. By continuing to attend the sessions, he gained confidence and has developed some insights into his life that give him more control over it. He says the horses respond to the way a person responds to them, which he found really helpful.

In the video, he also discusses the typical day at Sovereign Health. One thing he says he will take away from the program is the idea that he can do new things without being afraid. Sovereign is very good, because of its helpful, supportive staff, and he says he would really recommend equine therapy to others.*

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