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Equine Therapy – Kacee’s Video Review

Kacee reviews her experience in Sovereign Health’s program during a session of equine therapy. Kacee’s parents found Sovereign Health, and after talking with one of the case managers, felt they could really trust the facility. Kacee had been struggling with addiction since she was 11, and recently had resorted to using heroin and meth. She entered the Sovereign Health program following a relapse after 9 months of sobriety, and she feels really confident that this program will help her. She really likes the organization and layout, and all the offered activities. She says the staff are all great, and she loves her therapist.

Kacee especially loves equine therapy because she grew up riding horses, and finds it very therapeutic. In the video, she describes the process of equine therapy. Patients interact with the horses, and the horses read and respond to their emotions. They perform activities that symbolize their struggles with drug addiction and mental health problems, which offer an insight and deeper meaning and often underscore the psychotherapy sessions. Horses are intuitive and comfort you when you feel anxiety or are depressed. Kacee feels that the obstacles really resemble life, and they have taught her coping mechanisms to address her PTSD and anxiety, as well as healthy ways to deal with the frustrations that occur in life. In the video, she also discusses her daily schedule at Sovereign Health Group. She says she feels 10 times better than she did when she first came into the program, and she would recommend it to anyone.*

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