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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Zane’s Video Review

In this review, Zane tells about his time in the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program at Sovereign Health Group. He discovered Sovereign Health through Googling on the Internet. He was a heroin addict, got clean and then was introduced to meth and eventually ended up in prison. He liked the dual diagnosis treatment. He also really liked being near the ocean in the beautiful houses, and felt the staff was nice. Everyone was very open and caring and happy. His experience exceeded his expectations.

His treatment at Sovereign Health helped him get through his problems. He feels the staff is wonderful and go above and beyond to help out. The facilities and houses are really great. He found his therapist to be amazing. He’d had about 30 therapists previously but never felt he connected, but he did with this therapist and is planning on remaining in her care after leaving. He found the group sessions to be helpful, and his favorite was the music therapy group. He also details his experience at equine therapy and how it helped him. His favorite thing about the treatment was how individualized the treatment was and how the staff really focused on each individual client to make sure everything worked well. He shares with new patients to just not judge others, get a sponsor, and take the program seriously.*

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