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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Robert’s Video Review

Robert shares his story about how the location of Sovereign Health treatment programs initially appealed to him and that is why he entered into treatment. However, once he joined the program he realized the location was just the beginning of the wonderful experiences he would have while in treatment. Robert shares that by following the program it helped him get through the detoxification process and helped him get a good foundation for his recovery..

In this narrative, Robert was looking for a nice location for dual diagnosis treatment. However, after he joined treatment program he found that the location was just the beginning of the good experience he would have while at Sovereign Health. He shares appraisals of his primary therapist and says “the therapist is excellent and thorough and gives you ample time to explain yourself”. He further shares that the treatment program is well structured and the house managers are strict, honest, and respectful. Robert suggests to current and future patients that they be open to the program, listen carefully, and follow the programming schedule. He recalls that his treatment at Sovereign Health was a great experience.*

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