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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Kate’s Video Review

In this video, Kate details her experience in the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program at Sovereign Health. She began her treatment in the Bay Area at a detox clinic, but she needed dual diagnosis treatment. She entered Sovereign Health, where she received all the help she could have hoped for. Ever since she was 14, when she experienced a traumatic event, she has abused drugs and alcohol. She discovered she has not just a drug addiction but also mental health issues.

Kate was resistant to the treatment at first, but she opened up her mind and accepted help, and she now believes she is a completely different person than when she first arrived. Once she realized she was an addict and needed help, and listened and stayed in the groups, she got all the help she needed. Her favorite group is trauma group because it provides an opportunity to discuss her traumatic experience with a really good therapist and others who understand. She found the house where she stayed awesome and beautiful, and she was shocked at how great it was. The environment with the other residents was enriching and supportive, like family. She has made great relationships with the people she’s met.

In this video, Kate also details her typical day during the treatment program. She likes the balance between structure and the ability to provide feedback and say something is not working so that the program becomes something that is really beneficial. Her advice to newcomers is to give it a chance, at first it will be tough but it works.*

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