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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Karla’s Video Review

In this video, Karla shares her experience of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy under the dual diagnosis treatment program offered by Sovereign Health Group. Karla learned about this program on internet and decided to join as the program comprised Natural Assisted Detox (NAD) therapy. Prior to joining Sovereign, she tried hard to get rid of alcohol addiction. Initially, she was nervous and curious about the program and treatment regime, but soon she became very comfortable with cordial staff members and the soothing environment at the facility. The living space, rightly called executive house, was very cozy, with nice sea view and equipped with wonderful amenities and peaceful ambience. They have amazing cooks to tickle your taste buds.

The rehab center has wonderful therapists and staff. They succeed in instilling positivity and hope that anything can be overcome with determination. She specifically liked the dialectical behavioral therapy under NAD program, which helped her understand and learn a lot about her body and problem areas. It was an altogether unique type of program she was exposed to ever in her life. After reaching midway of the therapy program, she sounds pretty confident about her recovery and feels this is just the end of all misery, she has witnessed. Karla is very thankful to the staff members at Sovereign Health facility, the results have exceeded her expectations.*

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