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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – John’s Video Review

When it came to recovery, John had been around the block. After seeing what drugs and alcohol did to the people around him, he decided to treat both his alcoholism and bipolar disorder with the help of Sovereign Health.

John has a lot of shout-outs for Sovereign’s staff. During his stay, he was able to stay motivated from completing chores in the early morning to attending group therapy throughout the day. Overall, Sovereign’s programs challenged him to become a healthier, wealthier and wiser individual.

As an artist, John was also free to indulge in his musical talents while still committing to a structured treatment plan. In fact, the freedom to advocate for his own ideal goals and brainstorm with positive company was what John enjoyed most about the program. He reminds others to trust their intuition as well as Sovereign Health. We are here for your best interest.*

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