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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Brittany’s Video Review

In this video, Britany shares her experiences related to her stay in the Sovereign. Before joining this program she had a history of manic episodes in which she used to scream and lose her sanity. She was suffering from grandiose delusion and was under impression that she is a God or Satan. She also got arrested for felonies and misdemeanors.

Britney’s mental institute found this place for her and she considers this treatment as a blessing. She explains that it was completely different from other rehab center. She experienced so much more freedom in facility of the Sovereign. She finds it to be a positive place to stay and she felt the love and support not only from the staff members, but from the clients as well. According to Britney this was the best experience ever out of all the other rehabs. She adds that her daily routine was well structured and amazing. During her stay in one of the facility of the Sovereign, she gained knowledge about AA and NA programs. Through the dual diagnosis treatment program of the Sovereign she learned different coping skills on how to cope with triggers, what to do if you are triggered. She received continuous mental, emotional and physical support which was the moment of transition for her. She liked art group the most and found it very relaxing. She recommends the Sovereign to people who are suffering from mental and behavioral issues. Britney acknowledges that Sovereign helped her regain her lost sanity.*

Sovereign Health Group offers high quality and comprehensive Addiction, Dual Diagnosis, & Mental Health Treatment Programs for Adults & Adolescents including support services for the family system. We have multiple treatment locations in the United States. Sovereign Health’s treatment programs specialize in addressing the underlying mental health conditions by utilizing innovative and cutting edge cognitive testing, rehabilitation, and evidence based treatment modalities.We accept Most Private Insurances.Call today or visit our website to watch or read patient reviews about their treatment experiences at one of Sovereign Health Groups treatment programs.Call our 24/7 Admissions Helpline today 866-596-3609 or visit us at www.SovHealth.com.

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