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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Kathleen’s Video Review


Kathleen details her experience in the Dual Diagnosis Program at Sovereign Health Group. Kathleen heard about Sovereign Health through her mother, who researched several programs online and decided that dual diagnosis would be the best option. Kathleen started drinking socially when she was 15 and never thought she had a problem. However, she is bipolar and self-medicates. About a year after her daughter was born, she found herself drinking every day. She also became very addicted to her bipolar medication. She has been sober now for 90 days.

Kathleen came to Sovereign Health mainly to recover from her medication addiction. She was attracted to Sovereign because of the Dual Diagnosis Program so that she could receive help for her bipolar disorder as well as for her addiction. She liked the fact that there would be one-on-one therapy and that there were therapists on staff. She also was happy to stay with others who had been through similar problems, so that they could talk and share with one another. She was impressed with the driver who picked her up and felt everyone welcomed her with open arms when she arrived. Upon arrival, she wanted to get sober and rediscover herself. She felt broken prior to going through the program, and after completing it she feels she has grown and gained self-confidence. She found the groups to be very helpful, informative and educational. She feels all of the staff goes above and beyond just what is required, including the administration; however, she feels her therapist has benefited her the most.*

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