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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Heath’s Video Review

In this video, Heath reviews his experience in the Dual Diagnosis Program at Sovereign Health Group. His family found Sovereign Health after he decided he needed to enter rehab for his alcohol abuse problem. He had been drinking for 16 years and tried to overcome it on his own, but he knew he needed more help and to get away from his daily life. He did not have many expectations coming into the program, other than knowing he would detox and meet people going through a similar problem. He found the accommodations very nice, and there was always plenty of food.

During his stay, Heath made a good friend who really supported him, and they worked on their problems together. They kept each other motivated to stay in the program. Heath felt his therapist was very good, easy to talk to and helped him find a new perspective on many issues in his life. The group therapies provided a lot of diversity and opportunities to hear different points of view. Heath really enjoyed art therapy, especially as he has a background in art. Creating artwork provided an invigorating break from therapy sessions. He also takes a moment in the video to describe his typical day in the program. Heath knows now that life is a lot better sober than it is high or drunk. He thinks others in his old shoes should take the leap and go to rehab.*

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