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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Cesar’s Video Review

I was committed involuntarily to a facility for my dual diagnosis, and stayed there for a couple of weeks, and then I was released to Sovereign Health after my parents found it online. The experience has had a tremendous impact on my life, because it gave me coping skills and learned how to implement them in my life. It is not a superficial program. The groups run by the therapists and counselors didn’t just skim the surface, they really went in-depth. My favorites were the process group and cognitive therapy, which helped my ability to sort through my thoughts and how to act on them. I was shy when I arrived, but I knew that everyone is here because they went wrong somewhere in their life. I just tried to be genuine in the sense of actively participating in my sobriety. It is a spectacular program if you really want to get sober. They take you in an nurture you until you can get back on your feet and go back into the real world again.*

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