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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Brandy’s Video Review

Brandy developed an addiction problem at the age of 36 years. She gradually started drinking a lot, and soon began hiding alcohol and even started abusing prescription medicines like Vicodin, Oxycontin and Norcos. Before she knew it, she developed an addiction problem and got caught in the vicious cycle of trying to kick the habit and then going back right into it.

As it was getting excessively painful, she took matters into her own hand and decided to seek help. After a brief period of feeling better, she one day developed suicidal thoughts and immediately decided to call 911. Upon spending time at a detox facility, she reached Sovereign to complete her treatment. She loved the location of the center including the fact that Sovereign offered everything that was stated on its website. Talking about her treatment, she particularly liked the Dual Diagnosis program and strongly feels that Sovereign saved her life.*

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