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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program – Anna’s Video Review


Anna details her time as a patient in the Dual Diagnosis and Eating Disorder Programs at Sovereign Health Group. She was referred to Sovereign Health by another center, after undergoing treatment for drug and alcohol, to treat her eating disorder. She did not know there was a place to go that would help her. She knew if she did not fix her eating disorder, the chance of her drug and alcohol problems relapsing was high. Sovereign Health helped her find a way to be healthy that she never knew existed for her. She did not think she would ever be able to have a normal relationship with food. She dealt with eating disorders her whole life, since the age of 11, and it as amazing to undergo a treatment to discover what her body actually needs. She has found her body’s normal weight, and she now is comfortable with her body as it is. She found the way things were explained to her made it easier to understand and take it to heart. She loved the home environment.*

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