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Art Therapy – Karli’s Video Review

Karli learned about Sovereign while attending a detox center. She quickly realized how kind and accepting the staff was. Before arriving, Karli often thought of rehab as a dark and scary place. The luxurious residence helped her keep at ease, as did the therapists that truly took the time to know her and her concerns. She advises future patients to keep an open mind and take in all the advice they receive from therapists and staff to help with a speedy recovery.

Art and exercise therapies were also a highlight of Karli’s time at Sovereign. They kept her mind off more troubling thoughts and allowed Karli to express herself in a healthy way. These creative outlets are essential in a completing recovery and obtaining a healthier mindset. Adjunct therapies are essential in maintaining sobriety and treating mental illness. They work well with treatments such as group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, both offered at Sovereign Health Group.*

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