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Art Therapy – Evan’s Video Review

Evan says he was “lost, out of control and didn’t want to be alive anymore.” When he arrived at Sovereign, he was scared and actually left twice before deciding to stay. He says the treatment is repetitive but “it helps you and my whole thought process has changed.” He describes the house he lived in as beautiful and the house manager very helpful. He found group therapy helpful in connecting with others and it helped him realize he could overcome problems he created himself. Evan says he had a lot to work on and the structure provided has helped him continue with his life.

Evan plays guitar and used to paint and draw. While at Sovereign he made a jewelry box and painted pictures as gifts for his family, he says “I always thought drugs were necessary to be artistic but they changed my mind about that.”

He was grateful for cognitive behavioral therapy which he credits for teaching him to think positively rather than negatively. His final piece of advice to others is, “Get help, you don’t want to live in the dark shadows.” Evan then picked up his guitar and sang a song.*

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