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Art Therapy – Dyana’s Video Story

Dyana, an alumna from Sovereign Health Group’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program, details her experience in the art therapy program. She’s always been an artist, so she was really excited about the art therapy. She is a painter, and she had been experiencing frustration with her art work because of her shaking hands, but she used the art therapy to try out a whole new style that is more expressive and helped her through her recovery. She titled them Shaking Hands: One Woman’s Struggle through Recovery. She has found art therapy to be really helpful because it allows her a way to express her feelings. In the video, she shows some of the pieces she has made during her treatment at Sovereign Health. Art therapy occurs twice a week, and all the basic supplies are provided. She was able to take the supplies given, which were different than she is used to, to really explore a new style, more expressionistic style than she has done before. It helped to open her art up to a whole new beginning.*

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