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02-24-13 Category: Treatment

The logistics that come along with eating disorder treatment include finding the right program for you and then figuring out what you can afford.

Where Can I Get Help For An Eating Disorder?

That’s a common question people ask when they recognize they have an unhealthy relationship with food. Sovereign Health of California has an amazing residential treatment center for eating disorders. However, the most important part is to seek the treatment that you need to live a healthier life. There are eating disorder treatment programs available for people who do not have insurance.

If you have health insurance coverage, either on your own or through a form of employment, look into your Explanation of Benefits paperwork that should have accompanied what you received when you initially signed up for the plan.

Where Can I Get Help For An Eating Disorder

Where Can I Get Help For An Eating Disorder

As you read through, check for mental health services that your insurance plan covers. If you need further assistance or information, call your insurance company and ask to speak with a manager of benefits, and from there you can find out your plan’s individual case manager. Write down everything that you talk about, the names of those you speak with, and the time and date of each call.

You may find out that your insurance plan covers a program that you feel will help you recover. If the insurance plan does not seem to cover the program or programs you feel are best suited for you, it is vital that you seek assessment for diagnosis of your symptoms. When a trained medical or mental health professional evaluates what you have been experiencing, and an accurate diagnosis has been determined, the ability to communicate your case to the health insurance company is enhanced.

When you do enroll in a formal treatment program, in many cases, your assigned counselor or other member of the treatment team, may also communicate with your insurance company on your behalf. With more industry-specific information, and gradually more knowledge of your specific circumstances, your counselor can plead your case.

There are many avenues for getting your eating disorder treatment covered by your insurance company. Get the treatment you need, and fight your case, so that the financial aspect of treatment does not interfere with your new life in recovery.

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