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04-11-13 Category: Treatment

Sunny Steinmeyer is the latest guest presenter on the treatment podcast. This episode of the podcast features Sunny speaking on successful approaches for eating disorder treatment.

About Sunny Steinmeyer:

Dr. Sarah Steinmeyer is licensed as a clinical psychologist by the state of California and has more than 30 years experience of in the clinical field in addiction to here work with Sovereign Health Group. Sunny Sarah Steinmeyer obtained her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Edinboro State College, Edinboro, PA in 1978 and a Doctorate in General Psychology from United States (Alliant) International University, San Diego, CA in 1986.

Sunny operates a private practice in Laguna Hills, treating adolescent and adult patients. Dr. Sunny Steinmeyer was selected Winning Author of the First-Paper Competition, sponsored by the National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals, in 1991.


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