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Sovereign Health Group partners with Rock to Recovery to bring music therapy to our clients. Sovereign has long known the value of music in assisting with patients’ recovery. Our collaboration with Rock to Recovery allows Sovereign to provide an exciting version of music therapy as a standard component of our treatment regimen. The program is available at our San Clemente, Rancho San Diego, Palm Springs and Los Angeles facilities.

How it works

Patients write songs based on their own feelings and experiences. They rehearse and develop the song with the assistance of Rock to Recovery staff, who are all musicians in recovery. When the time comes, the band records the tune live. Capturing the spontaneity of live music is a big part of the experience. Afterward, patients can keep and share the music they’ve created.

During the process, clients develop a bond with their band mates. The bond creates an atmosphere of cooperation and, most importantly, trust. Trust evolves organically through the recording process. By the time the band is ready to record, they’ve come to know each other. They know each other’s stories.

Patients learn how to manage their stress through music, find new ways to express their feelings and learn techniques that serve to enhance memory function. The gains made during recording stay with the clients long after they leave the program. They develop confidence, learn to trust themselves, take chances and, most importantly, regain their self-respect.

The chemical component to Road to Recovery is oxytocin. This is the hormone the body releases after pleasurable or rewarding experiences, such as playing in a band. By expressing themselves through music, patients can gain a powerful catharsis from the stress of recovery and an increased ability to resist the craving of drugs.

About Rock to Recovery

Rock to Recovery was founded by Wesley Geer, a professional musician who founded and performed in the band Hed P.E. for eight years. After he left the band, Geer decided to change his lifestyle, and he entered substance abuse treatment. Sober for three years, he joined the alternative metal band Korn as their touring guitarist. He toured with the band for several years, making stops in over forty countries and playing to audiences of more than 80,000 people.

While in treatment, Geer found that strumming a guitar was the only thing that brought him peace. Soon, Geer’s fellow patients realized the therapeutic benefits of this simple activity. Geer found that even people who had never played guitar would line up for their turn to play. He had discovered the gift of music therapy.

Since its foundation in 2012, Rock to Recovery has grown to perform over 300 recording sessions a month. Those sessions produce thousands of songs and thousands of bands. The organization has worked with over 60 organizations from San Diego to Malibu to Las Vegas. Rock to Recovery works with men, women, at-risk youth and Wounded Warriors.

Sovereign Health Group treats mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring conditions. In addition to music therapy, we offer traditional and nontraditional treatment programs, including cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy, yoga, art therapy, cognitive retraining, neurofeedback and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMI). To learn more about Rock to Recovery or our other aspects of treatment, contact our 24/7 helpline.

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