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Continuing Care at Sovereign Health

Going through drug and alcohol withdrawal during the detoxification stage is not easy. Staying for rehabilitation and completing a treatment program is challenging as well. Completing both is a major milestone toward lasting recovery, but it is only the beginning.

The transition back to the community is a critical period for those in early recovery. The human brain is wired to return to old, well-established habits, particularly during times of stress. Practicing new daily routines that include eating, sleeping, exercising, attending support group meetings, journaling and more requires ongoing support until these routines become habit. Continuing Care at Sovereign Health was designed to ensure that all of our alumni have all of the support they need to succeed.

Continuing Care, also called Recovery Management, provides support and resources to people during their first year or so of recovery. Also known as aftercare or recovery management, Continuing Care keeps the individual in recovery closely connected until they have had an opportunity to build strong ties within their local sober community.

Sovereign Health provides Continuing Care that includes:

  • Individualized aftercare plans
  • Individualized relapse prevention plans
  • Technology Enhancing Aftercare and Mentoring (TEAM)
  • Alumni events
  • A dedicated website and newsletter for alumni

Continuing Care availability varies by facility, so contact our 24/7 helpline to learn more about options in your area.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention Plans

Throughout the treatment process, patients and their care team learn in detail what it will take to keep each unique patient in recovery. Using this knowledge, an individualized aftercare plan and relapse prevention plan are constructed. These plans include a daily schedule that will make the person as mentally and physically strong as possible to increase resilience against temptation. They also include potential triggers to avoid and ways to cope with people, places, things and circumstances that increase vulnerability to relapse. All follow-up appointments with psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists listed along with any relevant referrals and adjunct appointments. Continuing care and emergency contact numbers are also included.

Technology Enhancing Aftercare and Mentoring (TEAM)

Technology Enhancing Aftercare and Mentoring is an online tool that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Case managers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to guide patients through the program. TEAM makes person-to-person communication available whenever help is needed. This around-the-clock accessibility to support after treatment makes Sovereign Health a leader in Continuing Care.

TEAM is divided into three phases, each with specific modules and exercises to enhance the individual’s continuing care. The first phase provides life skills and information to help the newly recovered individual strengthen his or her commitment to sobriety. Once Phase I is completed, the individual moves on to Phase II, where he or she cultivates skills to live life without drugs or alcohol. Phase III helps the individual develop a blueprint for living life on life’s terms and to help others recover from addiction.

TEAM incorporates new technology such as social media to help patients network with others in the recovery community. Studies prove that those in early recovery who participate in aftercare or continuing care stay sober longer than individuals who do not. TEAM is a proven tool for recovering addicts and alcoholics to stay connected to the sober community.

Sovereign Health Alumni Events

We host regular meetings, panels, volunteer opportunities, annual reunions, quarterly dinner events, webinars and more. Regular alumni meetings afford individuals the opportunity to discuss issues, emotions, problems and more with their friends from treatment and other peers. Our speaker and dinner events are centered on the topic of recovery and offer mutual support and networking opportunities. Sovereign Health also sponsors educational and outreach opportunities.

Dedicated Website and Newsletter

Sovereign Health maintains a dedicated website for alumni at This website provides resources for former patients and their families and keeps them updated on news, events, articles, and resources. Our monthly newsletter keeps alumni updated on current events at Sovereign Health and the community. Our Facebook page offers additional opportunity for peer-to-peer support.

Sovereign Health believes recovery from addiction and mental illness is not a destination but a journey. The Continuing Care program ensures patients are not alone or feeling disconnected after leaving our treatment facilities and they have ample opportunity to succeed.

For more information about Continuing Care at Sovereign Health or any of our other programs, please call our 24/7 helpline.

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