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Sovereign Health of California collaborates with other organizations to educate the public about mental health and recovery. Together we strive to reduce the impact of mental illness and addiction and develop better ways to prevent and treat these illnesses.

Sovereign’s Friends and Partners

The following organizations share our goals for improving the lives of people, families and communities affected by mental illnesses, addiction and co-occurring disorders.

namiNational Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building better lives for the many Americans affected by mental illnesses. NAMI provides education for individuals with mental illness and their families as well as other community educators. NAMI also advocates for people with severe mental illness to shape national public policy. In addition, NAMI leads public awareness events and activities aimed to encourage understanding of mental illness and reduce stigma.


natspThe National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) develops practice guidelines for member organizations that provide residential, therapeutic and educational services to the public. NATSAP promotes the well-being of young people who attend therapeutic schools, residential treatment programs, outdoor therapeutic programs, wilderness therapy programs and home-based residential programs. NATSAP aims to set standards of excellence so that students and residents receive the support they need to fulfill their highest potential.


partnershipThe Partnership for Drug-Free Kids works to prevent or reduce drug and alcohol use among adolescents by providing the information and advocacy necessary to support teens, parents and educators. The Partnership strives toward greater prevention efforts and improved access to treatment to decrease drug and alcohol use and improve outcomes in the young.


psychologyPsychology Today is a magazine and resource featuring articles on psychological issues, relationships, lifestyle and research. Contributors include renowned psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, intelligence operatives, scientists and essayists. Readers can search by their particular topic of interest or take tests to do some self-examination.


addictThe Addict’s Mom (TAM) provides a nonjudgmental forum for hope and support for mothers who are dealing with their child’s addiction or death from addiction. TAM also acts as a liaison between policymakers, professionals and those affected by addiction. TAM sponsors events to heighten awareness of chemical dependency and reduce stigma. The organization aims to educate the public and promote positive changes in the legal system affecting those with substance use disorders and their families.


Advocacy News

Sovereign Health of California stays up-to-date on current topics, news and events in the field of mental health, substance abuse and recovery. To see more about Sovereign Health’s national advocacy efforts, please see the links below:

We are also active at the state and local levels. Sovereign Health of California has facilities in Orange County, Los Angeles, Palm Desert and Rancho San Diego, where we continue to strengthen the recovery communities through advocacy and outreach.

For more information about our advocacy efforts, or to learn more about how you can partner or collaborate with Sovereign Health, please contact our digital newsroom at

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