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Sovereign Health of California provides eTherapy for a Continuum of Care

Psychotherapy – or “talk therapy” – plays a big role in treatment. In a therapy session, patients talk one-on-one with a trained professional about their problems, concerns and anything else they may be struggling with. Some forms of psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, actually teach patients new skills. Patients learn to recognize the harmful thought processes that fuel many mental disorders – or trigger addiction.

But what happens when patients lose access to their therapist? Patients leave intensive treatment for a variety of reasons. They advance to less-intensive care levels. They have to attend to important family matters such as the death of a relative. Or they live in an area far away from their therapist. This is where Sovereign Health of California’s telehealth option called eTherapy program comes in.

What is eTherapy?

eTherapy is telehealth, which allows patients to receive face-to-face counseling via videoconferencing. Patients use a secure, HIPAA-compliant program to participate in a two-way video chat with a licensed clinician. Any device capable of accessing the internet and streaming video – a computer, tablet or smartphone – can be used with eTherapy.

An eTherapy session lasts around 50 minutes. Currently available to patients in Sovereign’s outpatient programs, eTherapy provides flexibility in scheduling and setting. Patients seeking to reestablish themselves in the world after treatment can attend therapy sessions in the comfort of their own homes. eTherapy also helps patients maintain their care after leaving Sovereign’s more intensive programs.

Benefits of eTherapy

Giving patients more freedom in scheduling isn’t the only benefit of eTherapy. Other benefits include:

  • Access to therapy regardless of the patient’s location or surroundings.
  • Making therapy more comfortable for patients who aren’t comfortable with in-person therapy.
  • Allowing continued participation in treatment after leaving more intensive care.

Who Benefits From eTherapy?

When patients start treatment, they generally enter into intensive care programs such as residential treatment (RTC) and partial hospitalization (PHP). These levels of care involve comprehensive, day-long treatment and round-the-clock access to other resources such as crisis response. As patients progress, they move into less-intensive care levels.

At the outpatient level of care, patients can spend more time reintegrating themselves back into daily life. They’re encouraged to seek employment, attend school and reconnect with friends and family in a positive way as they still attend treatment.

However, this can also create scheduling difficulties. It’s not easy to juggle the demands of a new job or class schedule with therapy appointments. This is where the anytime, anywhere availability of eTherapy becomes a real benefit. It eliminates the need for patients to make long commutes as they adjust to their new schedules. eTherapy sessions can be done at home, or anywhere with internet access. Patients are briefed on ways to be mindful of their privacy before starting the eTherapy program.

eTherapy is available as a treatment at all of Sovereign Health’s treatment centers in California.

Why Choose Sovereign Health?

As a company that prides itself on being at the forefront of its industry, Sovereign Health constantly strives to find new, effective ways to ensure every patient has the best chance at a lasting recovery. In addition to eTherapy, we also use evidence-backed traditional therapies along with alternative therapies to ensure our patients are healed in mind and body – even after they leave our care.

For more information about eTherapy and other Sovereign Health programs, please contact our 24/7 helpline.

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