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One may have entered treatment for addiction, only to relapse time and time again, unaware of the truth: There’s an underlying mental illness or disorder pushing the individual to fuel the addiction. From a variety of illnesses including depression or anxiety, an individual will sometimes drink, eat, smoke or inhale attempting to deal with the internal issues. Individuals who continue to seek treatment for only one of these co-occurring conditions can feel trapped in an endless cycle. However, hope can be found with dual diagnosis treatment programs.

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is the treatment of at least two co-occurring disorders or conditions to prevent relapse from the untreated disorder. It involves the diagnosis of at least one mental health disorder and one substance use disorder. Also known as co-occurring conditions, people who struggle with a mental illness may abuse substances to self-medicate and vice versa. Individuals beginning treatment for depression may not realize that their alcohol use is a serious problem for their treatment, as alcohol is a depressant. Treatment for dual diagnosis conditions needs to be done concurrently, otherwise a patient will be treated for one condition, only to relapse from another.

Symptoms of co-occurring addiction or mental disorders include continually relapsing after completing a rehab program, as well as having a family history of mental illness or substance addiction. Symptoms of co-occurring conditions may not be easily noticeable right away, which is why a proper facility needs to screen for any conditions upon admission to the rehab facility. For example, an individual addicted to alcohol may have underlying depression, which is driving him or her to drink. A person who has been diagnosed with depression may be self-medicating with prescription painkillers resulting in a substance addiction.

Dual diagnosis treatment at Sovereign Health

Sovereign Health offers assessment and treatment for co-occurring conditions. An admissions counselor will search through a patient’s family history, treatment history and how the patient feels when sober, before reaching a diagnosis. The counselor will also keep an eye out for signs and symptoms of other possible issues and then develop an accurate diagnosis.

The dual diagnosis treatment centers at Sovereign Health specialize in treating both the addiction and mental health conditions concurrently. The program utilizes evidence-based treatment modalities combined with a holistic focus for a well-balanced recovery. What does co-occurring treatment look like?

At Sovereign Health, patients experience a specialized treatment tailored to each individual and not a broad solution. While people may have similar illnesses or addictions, each person experiences and copes differently. Especially with co-occurring conditions, patients will have unique reactions to a mental illness and addiction which is why we have such comprehensive dual diagnostic treatment centers. The program combines individual psychotherapy with group therapy for each patient. Alternative forms of therapy and activities used in treatment include:

  • Equine therapy
  • Art
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Yoga

Sovereign Health also offers a unique cognitive remediation program, which utilizes Cogtest and Neurobic. This helps to restore cognitive abilities during treatment, enhancing the entire recovery process. One of the differences between Sovereign Health and other facilities is that patients at Sovereign Health are taught how to live a new and sober lifestyle after treatment. Patients learn how to maintain the healthy lifestyle earned in treatment through support and therapy. Sovereign offers a continuing care program for patients to continue receiving support after recovery.

If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse and a co-occurring mental health condition, please contact us today at our 24/7 helpline. Do not let a co-occurring condition undermine your treatment and recovery. Call now and learn about dual diagnosis rehabilitation.


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