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Tapering and discontinuing chronic drug and alcohol use can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous without supervision and/or treatment. The detox treatment teams at Sovereign Health are multidisciplinary groups of professionals with expertise in acute drug and alcohol withdrawal. Our detox teams in San Clemente and Palm Desert make sure that each patient going through detox has a safe and comfortable experience.

Whether patients undergo Nutritionally Assisted Detox or medical (pharmacologically assisted) detox, our teams provide medical supervision and treatment around the clock during the acute withdrawal period, which usually lasts three to seven days. Detox treatment teams consist of:

  • Medical doctor: This board-certified physician completes a thorough history, physical examination and any tests necessary to determine the patient’s physical condition. Appropriate medications and monitoring directions are prescribed.
  • Psychiatrist: This physician who specializes in addiction medicine evaluates the patient from a psychiatric perspective and is available for crisis intervention when necessary. Medications to ease anxiety and stabilize mood through the detox process may be prescribed in collaboration with the medical doctor.
  • Licensed nurse: The nurse monitors patients’ vital signs and withdrawal symptoms throughout the detox process. He or she obtains laboratory samples, inserts intravenous catheters and infusions (in NAD), administers prescribed medications and communicates directly with the physicians.
  • Substance abuse counselors: Our licensed substance abuse counselors assist patients in understanding the nature of addiction and how to break free from it. These counselors are mainly involved with patients who stay for rehabilitation following detox.
  • Case manager: The case manager facilitates communication between team members and the patient, and ensures the quality and continuity of care.
  • Patient advocate: The patient advocate functions as a liaison between patients and their families as well as between patients and members of the detox treatment team. The patient advocate helps communicate patients’ wishes and needs and handles their critical issues so that they can focus on getting well.
  • House manager: The house manager provides supervision to patients while they are in residential housing. House managers coordinate transportation, individual treatment schedules and meals, and communicate directly with detox team members.
  • Ancillary staff: Ancillary staff members provide many different types of supportive services to our patients and their families.

At Sovereign Health, we help patients end the vicious cycle of addiction and craving through safe and comfortable detoxification. Our medically supervised detox programs include:

  • Nutritionally Assisted Detox: San Clemente (at an additional cost)
  • Pharmacologically assisted detox: San Clemente and Palm Desert
  • Post-acute (nonmedical) detox: Los Angeles and Rancho San Diego
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation: All locations

If you or someone you love is unable to stop drinking or taking drugs, understand that help is available now. The detoxification process no longer has to be unbearable. At Sovereign Health, we use state-of-the-art treatment methods to wean patients from their substances of choice in our private and soothing facilities. For questions about detox at Sovereign Health or about any of our specialty programs, please call our 24/7 helpline today.


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