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Sovereign Health of California provides treatment for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental disorders (also referred to as dual diagnosis) to adolescents and adults. For those with drug or alcohol addiction, discontinuing use can be extremely difficult and even life-threatening in some cases. At Sovereign Health, we specialize in making the withdrawal phase of recovery as safe and comfortable as possible. We offer detoxification services in our San Clemente and Palm Desert locations. Our Los Angeles and Rancho San Diego locations offer treatment after the acute withdrawal phase of detox. Our California locations are listed below.

San Clemente

Our Orange County facility is located in the beautiful seaside community of San Clemente, in the southernmost part of the Southern California County. This facility serves as our flagship location and corporate headquarters. Patients receive specialized care and therapy throughout the day at our primary treatment facility and reside in supervised, private residences nestled in the hillsides. Sovereign Health in San Clemente offers both of the following detoxification services:

  • Nutritionally Assisted Detox
  • Medical (pharmacologically assisted) Detox

Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles facility is centrally located in Culver City. The metropolitan Los Angeles area has a very large and diverse recovery community, making it an excellent place to get sober because of the tremendous amount of support available. Patients requiring medical detox receive care at a nearby medical center and are admitted to our facility following the acute withdrawal phase. Sovereign Health of Los Angeles offers:

  • Nonmedical Detox
  • Post-acute withdrawal care only

Palm Desert

Our Palm Desert facility is located in the stunningly scenic base of the San Jacinto Mountains. Palm Desert also boasts a large and vibrant recovery community where alcoholism and drug addiction unite people in the spirit of nonjudgmental acceptance, mutual support and collective strength. Medically supervised, pharmacologically assisted detoxification eases patients into sobriety safely and comfortably. Sovereign Health of Palm Desert offers:

  • Medical Detox

Rancho San Diego

Our Rancho San Diego facility hosts specialized treatment for adolescents ages 12 to 17 with substance use disorders and dual diagnosis, mental illnesses and eating disorders. Patients reside in supervised residencies in El Cajon that offer age-appropriate care and activities. Those requiring medically supervised detoxification services receive care at a nearby medical center and are admitted to Sovereign Health following the acute withdrawal phase. Sovereign Health of Rancho San Diego offers:

  • Post-acute withdrawal care only

If you or a loved one needs help detoxifying from drugs or alcohol, reach out to someone today. For more information about detoxification in Southern California, or about any of our specialty care services at Sovereign Health, please call our 24/7 helpline. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and will even provide a free insurance verification to set your mind at ease.


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