Natural Assisted Detox

The fast and efficient way to begin treatment

Natural Assisted Detox

The detox process can be sped up and still completed in an efficient fashion through the process of natural assisted detox. When an individual struggling with addiction seeks out treatment, he or she must first go through the detox process. Once an individual quits abusing a substance, the body and brain will continue to crave the substance for weeks to months after the cessation of the substance.

Detox programs which rely on synthetic medications, may continue to drag out the process and withdrawal symptoms, creating a painful first step into rehabilitation. Through natural assisted detox, the patient experiences a faster detox period—of 10 to 14 days—and many feel not only clear of the substance abused but refreshed also.

This is due to natural assisted detox involving an organic mix of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which can cleanse the body of harmful substances, while repairing damage to the brain caused by said substances. Do not hesitate to seek an efficient method of detox for the individual battling addiction or substance abuse.

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Chronic drug use alters the structures and chemical composition of the brain. Once the drug is removed from the system, it takes time for the brain to return to normal. In fact, it keeps waiting for the drug to come back, often leading to severe withdrawal symptoms that are the opposite of the drug’s effect. For instance, people who are withdrawing from heroin often experience muscle aches. Withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and occasionally dangerous. The severity of these symptoms might cause a person to relapse or even refuse to quit in the first place.

Natural assisted detox – a combination of neurotransmitter restoration (NTR) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) therapy – uses a mixture of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to ease the patient through the withdrawal process.

This unique program –adjunct to traditional detox—alleviates patients’ symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety and depression. It regulates emotional stress levels and restores the functioning of mental clarity for those in treatment. Patients then might experience greater well-being or optimism in the next steps of a holistic recovery program, which also jumpstarts cognitive function lost through substance abuse.

Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs, such as opiates, are reduced by 50 to 60 percent in the first three days, and by 70 to 80 percent by day four.

Sovereign Health strives for a solution that eases the detox process and heals the brain simultaneously, because substance abuse and mental health issues cause serious damage to the brain, leading to a lengthy recovery period. The all-natural detox treatment program at our San Clemente, California, location includes orally-administered amino acid supplements, as well as intravenously-administered nutrients and minerals.

How does it work?

After drug cessation, the brain will eventually re-establish its old connections and rebuild lost receptors and neurotransmitters. This is a gradual process, however, that can take anywhere from several weeks to several years. Natural assisted detox therapy speeds up the brain’s natural healing process by flooding the brain with amino acids, vitamins and other substances.

Neurotransmitter Restoration

NTR stands for neurotransmitter restoration. NTR utilizes an orally administered mixture of amino acids and vitamins. This mixture contains all of the necessary building blocks for the brain to make new neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. These three neurotransmitters positively contribute to mood, sleep and concentration. The brain typically acquires the necessary nutrients from food to make neurotransmitters; however, NTR provides a shortcut, producing noticeable results in two weeks or less.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and is a coenzyme that the body transforms into vitamin B3. NAD helps repair DNA, which in turn minimizes the risks of diseases such as cancer and strengthens the immune system. NAD is also an essential component of the citric acid cycle, a cellular process that provides fuel for literally every organ in the body. Intravenous infusions of NAD boost this cellular process, increasing energy levels and speeding up the brain’s repair process.

Natural assisted detox therapy is effective because by restoring neurotransmitters and speeding up cellular processes, the patient will experience chemical changes in the brain. This is due to neurotransmitters having a powerful effect on conscious states, including moods. For instance, serotonin helps to manage feelings of tranquility and lessen agitation. Dopamine promotes feelings of well-being, while adrenaline increases motivation and excitability.

Though substance abuse and alcohol might cause neurotransmitters to be out of balance, there may be several other causes as well. This can include poor nutrition, persistent stress or genetic causes.

What are the benefits of natural assisted detox therapy?

Our infusion IV therapy of nicotinic acid supplements and other nutrients eases the discomfort of withdrawal. Patients’ nutritional needs are met through an infusion of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and NAD, the coenzyme that creates naturally-occurring vitamin B-3. NAD binds with amino acid receptors in the brain to stimulate the healing process.

Sovereign Health’s rapid drug natural assisted detox program includes access to traditional addiction recovery support along with cutting-edge detox technology, all with a nutritional approach. A traditional detox process leaves the brain’s healing up to time and chance. Natural assisted detox therapy works directly to repair the damage done to the brain’s neurotransmitter receptor systems caused by chronic substance use. Other detox approaches usually use potentially addictive medications, which prolong the process and increase the risk of exchanging one addiction for another. Sovereign’s extended withdrawal process uses IV nutrient infusion to administer drug-free natural assisted detox therapy, and assist brain restoration.

Staff and concierge services

Our natural assisted detox program allows for executive accommodations in a scenic and confidential setting in San Clemente, California. Our personal rooms include a workspace for laptops and other electronics during detox. We also offer complimentary Wi-Fi for patient Internet access. The medically supervised natural assisted detox therapy program consists of both intravenous and oral supplement administration by a registered nurse, following doctor’s orders. A physician and his or her assistant are available for assessments or any questions during the process. A licensed nurse also monitors patients during the entire time that the IV is in place. This program has a nurse on call 24/7 for patients in the natural assisted detox-specific residential home.

The concierge staff consists of a case manager and a patient advocate. House managers, who are familiar with the special needs of detox, also provide around-the-clock care. These professionals have extensive experience working with people to overcome alcohol or drug addiction. Blankets, pillows, snacks and meals are provided to help ease the transition of recovery. The house managers will also arrange transportation and provide additional support during natural assisted detox therapy. Natural assisted detox features include:

  • 10 to 14-day natural assisted detox therapy sessions
  • Natural, nonaddictive medications
  • Minimized withdrawal and elimination of cravings
  • Relief from anxiety, depression and stress
  • Restoration of mental clarity
  • Specially trained detox staff


The treatment program also includes a booster intravenous natural assisted detox supplement treatment every three months for the first year. The use of oral vitamin supplements is also recommended for about a year. Call our admissions team today to discuss natural assisted detox therapy for addiction recovery. You can also complete a free confidential assessment, while learning more about our addiction, mental health and dual diagnosis treatment programs at 866-819-0427.

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