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Chronic Pain Levels of Care/Who We Treat

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Most chronic pain treatment centers offer opioids and physical therapy; that’s all. Many patients are left to their own devices to otherwise cope. That’s a reactive existence.

It’s possible to endure pain this way, but when you’re dealing with something that takes over such a large portion of your life, having a community can help you be more courageous and venture beyond the pain experience – that’s quality of life. You’re going to learn and incorporate more practical information than you would on your own.

Sovereign Health’s Chronic Pain Program intimately connects the patient with others who are treading the same path and are also looking for A Better Way to a Better Life.

Levels of Care

Pain experiences are so incredibly diverse in how they come about: war, trauma, disease, assault, sport, natural disaster or violent accident. As such, chronic pain treatment that provides real breakthrough must also be individualized and address the complete person – mind and body – in whatever stage of pain they are in.

To this end, Sovereign Health is treating chronic pain in several different levels of care, appropriate for varying pain experiences, improvements and home/work life needs.


The patient’s medical detoxification is provided by our prescribing addiction psychiatrist whose central focus is to safely taper our patients off of opiates or any other addictive substance a patient is using to self-medicate, including alcohol. Detox is provided in a comfortable residence, with 24/7 monitored care.

In this level of care, patients receive three hours of group therapy per day and two hours per week of individual counseling.

Once medically cleared, patients may move on to the next level.

Residential Treatment (RTC)

At this level of care patients continue to be benefit from round the clock monitoring and assistance. RTC provides:

  • Medication management
  • Individual therapy
  • Case management
  • Substance counseling
  • Social outings
  • Daily groups with more than a dozen real-world topic discussion for the person living beyond the pain experience

In this level of care, patients receive 28 hours of weekly group therapy, including two hours of individual therapy.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

PHP is optimal for patients with concentrated pain symptoms and other exacerbating issues such as mental disorder. The undivided attention to a PHP patient helps tailor treatment for that person and protects residential patients from any immediate risk. In PHP, group therapy is slightly increased.

Patients receive our holistic care while at Sovereign Health’s San Clemente facility but return to their own home or sober living house nightly.

In this level of care, patients receive 30 hours of weekly group therapy, including two hours of individual therapy.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

At this level of care a patient has improved in their emotional and mental governance over the pain experience and has successfully and significantly tapered dependency on pain pills. Group and individual therapies are reduced and the IOP patient gets treatment from our flagship facility. The patient will reside at their personal residence – allowing them to fulfill outside obligations.

Sovereign Health also offers evening IOP for patients who have daytime responsibilities, but can come to our treatment hub to self-care nightly.

Patients receive three hours of group therapy three times a week, including one hour of weekly individual therapy.

Who We Treat

The typical Sovereign Health Pain Program patient is one who’s had pain management and physical therapy for an extended period, to no avail. Pain pills no longer provide sufficient relief because tolerance is built up – but addiction is strong. Drug or alcohol dependency and symptoms of withdrawal may start to bleed into work or family life.

Patients treated must also be:

  • 18 and older
  • Medically stable
  • Voluntarily entering our program
  • Able to stand and articulate on their own

Why Choose Sovereign Health?

Sovereign Health is a national leader in treatment and rehabilitation for those with substance abuse issues – including those fueled by chronic pain – or mental health problems, which may instigate an eating disorder or other mental disorders.

We treat substance abuse, mental disorder and a dual diagnosis of co-occurring disorders. Sovereign Health specializes in customizing treatment for lasting wellness.

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