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About Chronic Pain Treatment

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We believe you need the whole package to have fullness of life.

Medication has its place in recovery; it treats pain on the surface, but doesn’t address the whole person. The opioid epidemic has taken painkiller dependency to fatal extremes.

Sovereign’s chronic pain rehabilitation program helps patients take back control of their lives and learn to live with pain. Our experienced and compassionate staff provides effective treatment within the comfort of varying levels of care.

Unlike other pain programs, we address accompanying depression, anxiety, anger issues and environmental contributors to the pain experience. Sovereign Health guides patients in building their physical, emotional and mental fortitude.

What Chronic Pain Treatment Should Be

To be clear, any chronic pain syndrome treatment that guarantees pain elimination is wasting your precious time and money. Sovereign Health offers cognitive tools and alternative therapies to eliminate drug addiction and reframe the pain experience. Our rehabilitation:

  1. Reduces reliance on medications
  2. Restores quality of life and healthy coping mechanisms
  3. Redeems relationships with loved ones and self-esteem
  4. Returns patients back to mainstream life with skills to deal with pain episodes

Chronic anger is a legitamate component of chronic pain. The Pain Program’s regimen includes family workshops training in anger management. Loved ones are often just as drained as the patients, and Sovereign acknowledges and works with clinicians to heal that aspect. Needs are often unmet on both sides of the pain experience.

To achieve the aforementioned four pillars of productive rehabilitation Sovereign’s pain treatment includes:

  • Non-narcotic medications to help with pain
  • Alternative therapies, such as restorative yoga
  • Talk therapies: cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavior, process group
  • Alcohol and other drug (AOD) counseling
  • Individual psychotherapy and group therapy
  • Intensive family therapy, and monthly intensive family 2-day weekend
  • Anger management
  • Continuing aftercare via inpatient and outpatient e-therapy
  • Skill-building to cope with pain
  • Adjunct therapies, such as acupuncutre, chiropractic, neurofeedback and biosound

Length of stay is based on individual diagnosis, levels of care and tailored treatment plan, and can be up to 90 days.

Upon admission, patientes are required to bring all medical records but leave the medications at home. The clinical community as well as fellow Pain Program residents will help keep you accountable and responsible for your pain.

So many drug addicts have chronic pain at the base of their substance abuse – including our war veterans who perhaps don’t want to go on military record for treatment and have an addiction.  Here in San Clemente, California, so close to Camp Pendleton and San Diego – the largest military and veteran community in the U.S. – Sovereign Health has a unique opportunity to treat this demographic battling chronic pain.

It’s been said living beyond chronic pain is like trying to open a combination lock without knowing the code. You may have tried to find the magic number with surgeries, opioids, multiple physical therapists, eastern remdedies and costly herbs and ointments – to no avail. It’s time you get the right combination, for lasting wellness and quality of life.

Why Choose Sovereign Health?

Sovereign Health is a nationally recognized forerunner in the treatment of mental health, addiction and dual diagnosis. We are licensed for mental health, with substance abuse and dual diagnosis programs.

Our commitment to continuing aftercare and customized treatment plans is what sets us apart. We remain an industry trailblazer with applying the latest in evidence-based treatment modalities to our patients care, alongside traditional and alternative therapies. Call our 24/7 helpline to learn more about how our team cultivates A Better Way to a Better Life.



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