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Patients and their families take priority at Sovereign Health of Southern California. We know that addiction puts families into a state of crisis, so we are well-prepared to provide everything needed to get each patient and family member through the treatment process and into lasting recovery. Family Services at Sovereign Health are designed to facilitate communication between patients, family members and the treatment team as we all work together to problem-solve and build healthy lives.

Our centers of excellence in Orange County, Los Angeles, Palm Desert and Rancho San Diego offer mental health care and addiction treatment to adolescents and adults. Family services are available for the loved ones of our patients at all of our beautiful facilities. Family services include all of the resources we offer that are explained in the Family Welcome Packet as well as several different opportunities for family participation.

Family Welcome Packet

The Sovereign Health Family Welcome Packet explains in detail what families can expect while their loved one is in treatment, from pre-admission to discharge and continuing care. The packet provides a thorough orientation to family services at Sovereign Health and can also be used as an ongoing reference and resource. Topics include:

  • Treatment timeline overview
  • Consent and release of information
  • Contact information
  • Credit card authorization
  • Dual diagnosis and mental health phase system
  • Family group information
  • Residence rules
  • Visiting policy
  • Resources
  • Treatment locations

You can view or download a copy of the Family Welcome Packet by clicking here.

Family Participation

The loved ones of those with addiction are greatly impacted. Many family members and close friends experience a “rollercoaster” of emotions, including anxiety, depression, anger and more. Families also tend to adapt their roles within the family structure to accommodate the erratic behavior of the person with the addiction. After treatment, there is a readjustment period as the family unit begins to heal together. At Sovereign Health, we make sure our patients and their families are prepared to support each other during this transition and beyond. To do so, we offer:

  • Family therapy: Families meet with a therapist to identify strengths and work on weaknesses to promote healthy family relationships.
  • Family groups: Patients meet together along with their families and a counselor to discuss their issues and come up with constructive solutions. Family groups also offer peer support.
  • Two-day weekend intensive family program: The intensive family program allows families to come together to learn about mental illness and/or addiction and to spend quality time with their loved ones. The program includes presentations by clinical staff, workshops, psychological education, psychotherapy sessions and more. The program is free and lunch is provided. To register for the weekend program, please complete the program sign-up form.

 Relationships in Recovery Toolkit

Recovering from addiction and repairing relationships is possible. Sovereign has created a 70-page toolkit with original articles and interactive elements to inform readers on various topics on being in an interpersonal or romantic relationship with people who have behavioral health disorders.

Topics include:

  • How to recognize an overdose
  • A guide on choosing an addiction treatment facility
  • Managing and defeating cravings
  • Reconciling relationships in recovery
  • Legal and financial problems that arise in treatment and recovery

To learn more about family relationships in recovery, download our free toolkit here.

 About Sovereign Health of Southern California

Sovereign Health is a leader in the treatment of mental health disorders and addiction. We have residential and intensive outpatient programs that utilize a wide variety of proven treatment methods. Our programs are customized to the individual’s needs and treat all co-occurring and underlying conditions. We also offer intensive family support through weekly therapy sessions and an intensive family program. We accept most major insurance plans and have financing options available.

You can learn more about our family services or any of our treatment programs by calling our 24/7 helpline.

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