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Addiction Treatment Locations

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Sovereign Health’s addiction treatment program offers comprehensive treatment in the form of detox program, medications, psychotherapies, etc. for individuals who are addicted to substances, including alcohol, legal and illegal drugs etc. We do more than just helping our patients through withdrawal – we also provide therapy and restorative activities to educate them as well as to prevent relapse.

Addiction treatment is available at all of our California locations including:

San Clemente, California

Sovereign Health’s San Clemente facility is nestled in a pristine environment amidst the foothills, with the waves of the Pacific Ocean rustling just miles away. The facility at San Clemente offers our patients a chance to relax by the waterside as well as breathe in the beautiful and breathtaking views of the coast. Our comfortable, furnished houses that are spread all across the community makes it an easy option to offer all of Sovereign’s primary treatment programs, including detoxification treatment, continuing care programs and experiential programs right there.

Los Angeles/Culver City, California

Our Culver City location is situated within the vibrant Los Angeles community, which is close to both Interstate 405 and California’s State Route 90. Our clinicians offer patients access to small, effective therapy groups as well as experiential therapies, including yoga, meditation, equine therapy and nutrition management. The well-trained staff and well-planned programs help our patients to stay focused and fasten up recovery at each stage.

San Diego, California (adolescents only)

Our Rancho San Diego location exclusively treats adolescents. Much like in the 18 and older programs, our trained professionals provide compassionate, evidence-based care for adolescent patients with addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. Patients at this facility can look forward to a ranch-style setting as well as warm, sunny weather for most of the year. This treatment facility is located between two mountain ranges and is easily accessible from the 94 and 54 freeways.

Palm Desert, California

Our Palm Desert residential treatment center is situated at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains. Patients at this facility can enjoy sunny skies, warm weather and stunning landscapes. This location is roughly 107 miles from Los Angeles and just a brief drive from the Palm Springs International Airport, making it convenient to reach for out-of-towners. The houses in this location are large and also have big backyards.

Why choose Sovereign Health

Sovereign Health is a residential rehabilitation treatment provider that offers high-quality and comprehensive care for individuals struggling with mental illnesses, substance addiction and co-occurring conditions. We offer our patients access to luxurious amenities, 24/7 staff support and small, effective therapy groups.

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