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10-20-12 Category: Treatment Center Staff

Mitch Star, Executive Assistant – Special Projects, was named Employee of the Month at the March staff luncheon in San Clemente. Mitch began working at Sovereign Health Group on May 20, 2013. His diligent work and willingness to go above and beyond to help his fellow employees – and the company – has not gone unnoticed, and led to this recognition.


As the Executive Assistant – Special Projects, Mitch wears a lot of hats. His job description is broad, and his daily work constantly changes. Every day as he comes into work, he wonders if he will have some new project on his plate. He loves his job because of the variety and changes he encounters. He feels that the constant change keeps him sharp. Accepting the honor at the luncheon, he joked that no one is allowed to quit, because he is usually the one to take on the additional responsibilities until a replacement is found.

Everyone laughed at Mitch’s joke, because he really has taken on a lot of additional responsibilities to help out when an employee has left the company or gone on leave. He began as Executive Assistant – Special Projects, focusing on licensing. Then, the CEO needed a personal assistant, so Mitch took on that role until the position was filled. Then, he concentrated once again on licensing before filling in for the company’s administrative assistant while she was away.

After she returned, he once again focused on licensing, but it was not long before the receptionist went on leave, leaving Mitch to take over her duties until her return. When the finance department needed help, Mitch filled in, working on patient financial packets until a new position was created and filled.

Going Above And Beyond

Mitch went back to licensing, but then the office manager left, leaving Mitch in charge of the HR and office management responsibilities until these roles were filled. He returned once again to his original role, but it was not long before he once again needed to take over the administrative assistant’s job. In addition to these numerous short term additions to his responsibilities, along the way he was also handed the responsibility of being the assistant to the Director of Operations – West Coast.

Although Mitch makes jokes about it, he says he enjoys taking on these extra responsibilities and roles, and is more than happy to help out. He really loves his job, including all of the constant changes to his responsibilities, because it allows him to continue to learn and grow, enriching his own skills and experience.

Growth And Change

Additionally, he is able to help the company. Mitch likes being a team player at Sovereign Health, and he loves his coworkers and the company. He says that his coworkers “are the best team I ever worked with. They make my day go by fast.” He has so many great memories from his time at Sovereign Health that it is hard for him to choose just one.

Mitch enjoys seeing Sovereign Health change and grow. He believes that change is an important part of life. As he puts it, “The only way to get ahead is to change. You just have to roll with it and be a team player. I love the expansion and the changes I see, and I know it will bring about a lot of opportunity for the company, as well as the employees.”

Mitch has a passion for politics, and served as an elected member of executive committees of both the California and Orange County Democratic Party for many years. In response to being recognized as Employee of the Month, Mitch says “It has been a really big honor. It is an absolute great honor to be recognized for my work.”

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