Celebrating and Remembering a Beautiful Life, Elizabeth Giner
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Elizabeth Giner
05-29-14 Category: Treatment Center Staff
Elizabeth Giner

Elizabeth Giner

A May 10 life celebration for Sovereign Health Group Admissions Consultant Elizabeth Giner attracted about 500 people, about 400 of whom were probably from NA (Narcotics Anonymous, the 12-step program that evolved from Alcoholics Anonymous).

Elizabeth, 47, was diagnosed with cancer on April 7, and passed May 5, less than a month later in spite of chemotherapy. During that time Elizabeth was surrounded by love from all of her family, friends, and co-workers. She holds a special place in many hearts and because she touched so many lives in many different ways. Her life celebration ceremony was held in Cathedral City, California, near Palm Springs.

Also known as Lissa or Loca, she had been active within NA for 13 years, and was a sponsor for numerous people in recovery, sharing her strength and hope. Elizabeth was well-known in the Southern California addiction treatment and recovery community. She joined Sovereign Health in September 2013.

She was described as an energetic, courageous free spirit who loved life, and had a distinctive sense of personal style, with bright red hair decorated with flowers, clips and bows. Elizabeth had a warm, caring personality, and her obituary said that for “a person seeking a clean life, she would do anything and everything to guide and mentor.” On one occasion, she drove to Arizona and brought a person to Sovereign Health for treatment.

She was an avid bowler, and also worked as a volunteer at the polls during elections.

Sovereign Health’s Mike Boyer, who knew Elizabeth for about eight years and worked with her elsewhere, said her son Gabe and daughter Priscilla were her life, along with NA. “She’d give anybody the shirt off her back, if needed,” he added. At the same time, “she was always eager to learn. She wanted to know everything about everything. “Whatever she did, she always wanted to be the best, and she was going to put in the hours to be the best.”

After working as a residential counselor and then in client care, she joined Sovereign Health as a Treatment Consultant, “and she was one of our top producers most of the time she was here,” Mike said. “She will be sorely missed.”

As Director of Business Development and Admissions, I had the privilege of working with Elizabeth and was in touch with her almost daily during her time at Sovereign Health. quickly came to admire her for her zest for life and always being a cheerleader for others. She constantly pushed herself professionally, driven by her desire to help others along the path to a better life. A couple of weeks before she passed, she told me something I will always hold close and that is, “to always cherish your family and spend as much time with them as you can.” She was an amazing woman and my life is richer for having known her.

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