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In his 25 years of practice, clinical psychologist Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D., says – hands-down – one of the most hot-bed, but least-discussed causes of relationship conflict is drinking.

For loved ones and friends sick of slipping into those dramatic “diagnostic standoffs” as Nowinski puts it, there’s now a mobile app to confirm who’s really drunk.

The pocket breathalyzer

A company called Drinkmate has designed a battery-sized, accessory breathalyzer that can be shared – contaminate-free – between drinking buddies by simply connecting it to an android or iPhone usb port. Blowing into the device from a short distance will read one’s current blood alcohol content level.

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The device costs around $30, and the accompanying app is free.

According to an article by the Daily Dot, “The breathalyzer is accurate to 0.01 percent BAC, and maxes out at 0.20 percent because, quite frankly, you shouldn’t be driving then anyway.”

Other pocket and keychain breathalyzers are also on the market for prices spanning $20 to $100.

A breathalyzer that’s crystal clear

According to, chemically coated crystals provide still another alternative to BAC self-assessment. “The crystals change color in the presence of a predetermined concentration of alcohol,” the website explains and details the crystals can test for .08, .05 and .04 BAC.

“The crystals have to be stored air-tight until use and are only good for a single use.” These are sold for about $10 for a single usage, by comparison.

Prevention at the fingertips

The actual efficacy of such testing devices in helping to reduce drunk driving has yet to be established.

For more established digital self-help tools, activity trackers such as Fitbit had great success initially but found not long afterward, “more than half of U.S. consumers who have owned an activity tracker no longer use it. One-third of U.S. consumers who have owned one stopped using the device within six months of receiving it,” according to an article on the long-term efficacy of data-collecting wearables.

The most trustworthy tool to avoid alcohol-instigated troubles such as driving drunk, DUI arrest or “diagnostic standoffs” with loved one is abstinence or moderation through self-discipline. If you or a loved one can’t stop drinking without frequent interventions from friends or family, Sovereign Health can help. We have comfort, ease of access and cutting-edge treatment that is scientifically customized to completely rehabilitate. Call our 24/7 helpline for details.

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